Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thank Goodness: Noce’s isn’t dead, after all

Twentieth Stop:  Noce’s Pizzeria
Date: June 28th, 2012
Location: 116 Barnwood Drive Edgewood, KY 41017
Ranking:  21

Noce’s was a little confusing to us at first.  Since Cincinnati Magazine’s top 50 pizzas had been published, we got wind of news that Noce’s had closed.  We were sad to hear that, since Courtney’s husband had recommended it as a place he had enjoyed before.  Then, just as we were preparing to pen a special RIP entry, we received new information.  Well, technically, this information wasn’t new in the sense that it just happened recently, but it was new to us!  After some investigation on the Internet, it was discovered that there was a Noce’s, after all, and right near Robyn’s own neighborhood.  That settled it; we were off to our next pizza destiny.

Contrary to what many people might think, the best food in a city can often be found in strip malls and other similarly structured commercial spots.  An article from economist Tyler Cowen in May 2012 highlights the reasons for this, as well as 5 other dining “rules” to live by here.  As we rolled into Noce’s parking lot, we were not disappointed to find that we were up for another potential strip mall delight.  A sign on the front window of Noce’s echoed our own sentiments and what we know to be true for most of the pizza joints explored thus far: “There’s a big difference between the big chains and the independent pizzerias.  Come on in and we’ll prove it to you!”  Don’t mind if we do! 

The sun was not on our side, but the full quote is above!

We approached the counter in the tiny dining room, and started asking one of the men working all kinds of questions.  He confirmed that Noce’s on Montgomery Road, in Cincinnati, had indeed closed its doors, but the location in Edgewood was the sole operation at this time, and had been successfully operating for 2 years in that spot.  This small, “New York Style” pizzeria seemed like it might have fit right in somewhere in a bustling Big Apple neighborhood.  This feeling was supported by both its small dining area and its casual, NYC-inspired décor. 

After some deliberation over the menu items and coupons that Robyn had snagged from one of those coupon mailers (sometimes you find a diamond in the rough with those things), we decided on a couple of Cokes, an appetizer of garlic knots, and a large Mattie Deluxe specialty pizza.  The Mattie Deluxe came topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and garlic. 

We were the only customers dining in that night, and found a cozy spot in the corner, up front.  Our garlic knots came out, and they were really good.  We had an order of six, which was perfect for the two of us, but you can also order a basket of a dozen.  The dough was dense and chewy, they were brushed with melted butter and garlic, and the homemade sauce was just right. 

Glistening, just the way we like them

When the monstrous Mattie Deluxe arrived shortly after that (take that, ZZ’s!), we were impressed by its size and the appearance of the toppings-everything looked great.  We dug in, and the cheese stretched and oozed with each lift of the spatula, but conveniently stayed put with all the toppings, just the way we like it.  The green peppers were fresh and cooked lightly enough to preserve a crisp, juicy texture.  They added a nice crunch to your bite.  Robyn really liked how the onions were cut small, rather than in the typical “circular” fashion that can sometimes leave them flopping around awkwardly from your mouth when you take a bite.  It’s not that we complain about that typical style, but the departure on this pie was a nice little change that worked well with the pie overall.  The sausage was sliced just like Fratelli’s had been, in thin, rectangular strips rather than crumbly balls.  However, the sausage at Noce’s tasted great, whereas Fratelli’s had been salty and strange (much like their servers).  And don’t forget the Parmesan!  Though loads of people habitually shake a little cheese over their pizza, it’s not something we always find necessary.  For the Mattie Deluxe, though, it was decidedly a pleasant addition.  As usual, our eyes were definitely much bigger than our stomachs, and we ended up taking home plenty of leftovers.  

Cheese in the spotlight

Well, we are really glad that Noce’s still exists.  As suspected, the sign in their front window was correct, and they did a good job of proving it to us.  Robyn can’t wait to get back and try the White Garlic pizza or one of the delicious looking Pepperoni rolls sometime soon.  Or one of their many types of pasta.  Or the Stromboli.  Or the Antipasto salad.  Or…   
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  1. I am glad you enjoyed your experience. My wife and I had heard good things about Noce's and had one in our neighborhood in Fairfield Township.

    Our first experience was pretty bad, but we gave it a second try. It was even worse. The pizza was very greasy and the crust was actually undercooked. Our garlic knots looked nothing like the yummy picture you posted above, which is a shame. This particular restaurant was also noticeably dirty.

    This may be the reason it closed after about 20 months. If we are ever in the Edgewood vicinity, we will have to try it again.

    Keep up the great work. We love your blog.

    Mike M.

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for your comment and for reading! That's a shame that you had not one, but TWO bad experiences with the old location. Thankfully, as we are finding through this blog, there are so many great independent pizza places out there in the area for pizza lovers like us to enjoy and support! Hopefully you get to read about a few that you haven't tried yet. Stay tuned! :)

      Thanks again,
      Robyn and Courtney

  2. I do not believe the one on Montgomery Road has actually closed....I believe the partners in the original Noce's decided to part ways, and that each partner took ownership of one of the locations, and some were therefore re-named.

    The one on Montgomery is now named Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta, and the pizza there is excellent

    The original Noce's location is in Cheviot/Westwood and has been renamed Five Boroughs Pizza. I have not yet been in since the name change

    1. Interesting! That's good info for anyone reading who was maybe confused about what happened to the old name. Thanks for following along this tasty journey. We love reading comments from other pizza lovers!